What To Do When Outlook Application Encounters Invalid XML Error

invalid XML

       fix invalid XML error

Although Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client application, it has its share of problems. The Invalid XML error is a common Outlook problem that affected many number of Outlook users. This error happens because of a number of reasons. To be able to fix this, users are required to find out the exact cause of the issue first.

In this article, you will find some of the usual suspects for the issue and the solutions to fix them effectively. For more information on this, kindly get in touch with the Outlook help desk or contact an Outlook expert.


Normally, users get this error message when they attempt to send an email message in their Outlook application. Determine when you first came across this error message. Was it after the installation of an antivirus application? A newly installed antivirus application can normally be the cause of the issue. Check if the antivirus application is integrated with Microsoft Outlook. If so, try to disable the integration. To do this, navigate to the settings of the antivirus application and find out the list of integrated programs. Highlight Microsoft Outlook in the list and then remove the checkmark.


At times, the error message would start to appear after you have installed a particular add-in in your Outlook application. If the add-in you have installed integrates with the send and receive functions in the Outlook application, there are more chances for the error to appear. To verify whether an add-in is the cause of the problem, disable all the Outlook add-ins and try to send emails in the Outlook application. If you don’t get the error message now, you can conclude that the add-in is the cause of the problem. Now, find out which add-in is causing the problem.

rename the SRS file

   suspects for invalid XML error

The settings associated with the Send/Receive feature in Outlook are stored in the SRS file. Sometimes, a minor change in the SRS file may lead to the error message. The issue can be fixed easily by resetting the SRS file. In order to reset the file, exit your Outlook application and rename the SRS file to .old. Restart the Outlook application.

You have seen some of the suspects for Invalid XML error message in your Outlook application as well as the steps to fix them. For more information on the same, visit the Microsoft Outlook help forum and browse through the articles in the database.

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Fixing The Error 0X800421a In Outlook 2003

Invalid XML

XML error in Outlook

Many people all across the world employ Microsoft Outlook as their email client because of the rich features provided by it. It offers various functions to the users, which makes it one of the most popular applications from Microsoft. However, after October 12, 2009, the users of Outlook 2003 version have started experiencing some errors because of the updates from Microsoft. Therefore, to make the Outlook work again, you need to delete either one or at least four updates.

Some of the major symptoms of these errors are error messages contains ‘SSL’ and ’0x800421A’ or ’0x800421B’ error code, ‘cannot send or receive’, ‘Invalid XML error’, receiving SSL errors when not using SSL for your POP or SMTP. Well, given below are some instructions that will help you solve these errors.


  1. Start the process by moving the mouse pointer towards the lower left side of the Windows taskbar and click on the button Start. This will make available the Start menu on your Windows desktop screen. From the Start menu, you need to click the option Control Panel. From the Control Panel window, you need to click on the option Add/Remove programs. This will open the Add/Remove programs window in your computer.
  2. Make sure to checkmark the box assigned for Show Updates that is seen on top of the list for Programs.
  3. Now, you will be presented with a list showing all the installed programs in your computer. Search through the list of programs to find the one that is named Office 2003 Standard Edition or anything that is specifically related to the Outlook like GDIPLUS, Junk Filter, or Office 2003 Outlook.

    SSL errors

    Invalid XML

  4. To get best results, it is always better to remove the items individually. After removing each item, just reboot your Outlook application and after each step, try using Outlook. By checking this way, if you found that only one update is causing the program, you can remove it and can keep rest in your computer itself.
  • KB973705- Update for Outlook2003 OUTLOOK
  • KB973515- Update for Outlook2003 Junk Filter OUTFLTR
  • KB954478- Update for Outlook2003 GDIPLUS
  • KB953432- Update for Outlook2003 OUTLOOK
  1. After completing all these, you need to reboot your computer once more. After restarting, you can try using the Outlook once again

These instructions will help you fix the above-mentioned errors. For any help with fixing the Invalid XML error, contact our tech support center online. You will get assistance with the Invalid XML errors or any other Outlook problems.

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Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook Embedded Jpegs

Outlook Problems

Outlook problems help

Microsoft Outlook, a popular email client used in Windows-based computers, includes a calendar and a task-creation utility, as well as the amazing provision to manage various email accounts. The email client contains a variety of security measures to protect your computer from emails containing malicious threats and embedded viruses. These security measures sometimes interfere with emails containing embedded Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) files, thus creating Outlook problems in accessing or viewing emails containing JPEGs. For troubleshooting Outlook problems concerning viewing of emails containing JPEGs, you must manually override Microsoft Outlook’s security controls.

Troubleshooting Within an Email

  • You need to launch Microsoft Outlook by clicking on the program’s icon on your computer’s Desktop or by clicking on Start button, then going to All Programs and then clicking Microsoft Outlook.
  • Then you need to double click on the email containing an embedded JPEG image to open the message.
  • After that, right click on the JPEG image box showing an X and select Download Pictures.
  • Then, click on the bar at the top of the email. This is the InfoBar. You need to select Download Pictures if you cannot get the picture to load by right clicking on the image box.
  • For turning off the automatic blocking of JPEG images within Outlook, you can proceed to the next section.

Troubleshooting for a Batch of Emails

  • Now, open Microsoft Outlook. Then click on Tools, and then Options.
  • You can click on the Security tab. Then click the Change Automatic Download Settings… button under the Download Pictures heading.
  • After that, remove the check mark from the box next to Don’t download pictures or other content automatically in HTML e-mail.
  • Next, click on the OK button.
  • For adding the sender of the email containing an embedded JPEG to your Safe Senders list so all images from that sender will appear correctly, move on to the next section.

    Security Measures

    Outlook problems fix

Adding Sender to Safe Senders List

  • Again, open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Then double click on the email containing an embedded JPEG image to open the message.
  • After that, you need to right click on the JPEG image box showing an X. Select Add Sender to Safe Senders List.
  • If you would like all emails originating from that person’s domain to display embedded JPEGs correctly, you need to select Add the Domain to Safe Senders List.

There you go; you can now start viewing your emails containing JPEG images. But if you still have a problem with this, call our tech support and they’ll help you out.

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Use Your Gmail Account In Outlook Mail Client

Outlook Email Setup

About The Outlook Email Setup

Outlook can be used as the email client for all your email accounts at the same time. Using the Outlook email setup, you can add your different email accounts from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc and use Outlook to log in to all these accounts at the same time. The Outlook email setup supports all the different email service protocols in use like POP3, IMAP, etc and you could even add a private corporate email network account to Outlook.

About the Outlook email setup for Gmail web mail service

Gmail is one of the most popular web mail services online. The Gmail email service uses the IMAP email protocol, which is supported in Outlook. So, it would be very easy to add your Gmail account to MS Outlook. This also means that you could use the Automatic email setup to add the Gmail account to Outlook. It would be best if you collect all the details necessary for the Gmail account setup before you start the process.

Launch the account setup wizard in your Outlook by clicking Tools >Account settings >Email >New. Here you would be asked to enter the username, password, email address for the Gmail account that you are adding. Enter these details and click Next. In the next step, select the type of email service, for which you are adding the account. For Gmail, this would be IMAP.

In the next page, you would be asked to enter the Incoming and Outgoing Server address details for the account setup. Enter the details you gathered from the Gmail website. Now, go to the More Settings option for selecting the security settings required for establishing a secure connection to the Gmail server.

Encrypted Secure Transmission

Contact Outlook Support

Under the Outlook Server tab, check the option My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. Now go to the Advanced tab and here give the option SSL for the Incoming server (IMAP) and the Outgoing server (SMTP) text fields. This enables the encrypted secure transmission for email service in Outlook.

You need to enter the correct port numbers, which you got from the Gmail website for Outgoing Server (SMTP). The port numbers, the incoming and outgoing server addresses, etc have to be entered correctly for MS Outlook to establish a proper connection to the Gmail mail server online.

Once you have given all these details in the Outlook mail setup wizard, click Finish and exit. Your Gmail account would now be added to the Outlook mail client.

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Outlook Repair Toolbox To Fix Corrupted PST Files

Outlook Repair

      Outlook Updates

Outlook is one of the most preferred email applications by users, owing to the advanced features the program comprises of. Unlike other most email services, Outlook also serves as an excellent personal data manager. This means that users can save their personal as well as contact information in Outlook securely. If the contact information is stored as Outlook Address book entries, their personal information is stored in personal storage tables, or to be more precise .pst files. Many a times, users may face issues accessing the information stored in these files, forcing them to do an Outlook repair.

Outlook comprises of a built-in utility known as Scanpst.exe, which helps in fixing the corrupted .pst files. However, the main disadvantage of this program is that you won’t be able to retrieve the information that was earlier stored in the files. Hence, the need for third-party software becomes essential. Repair Toolbox, which is a leading supplier of specialized recovery tools, has launched an effective all-new Outlook Repair Toolbox tool, which serves this purpose far better. This amazing program is even suitable for those users who have minimal skills. The tool helps to handle data restoration tasks that in other cases require companies to use expensive external services.

Coming to the latest version of the program, it comprises of a new data recovery engine that can fix the corrupt .pst files, regardless of the severity of the issue. Along with fixing the files that involves handling the most serious cases of data corruption, this advanced tool also restores the maximum of items from the corrupted Outlook storage files. Unlike many other similar tools, this application developed by Recovery Toolbox is extremely simple and intuitive, which allows everyone to repair it in quick time.

Third-Party Software

          Outlook 2013

The application retrieves the data stored earlier to a new compacted PST file, which can be accessed on the Microsoft Outlook application easily. According to Ivan Bobrov, Head of Development at Recovery Toolbox, “By releasing this major update of Outlook Repair Toolbox, we restate our commitment to offer the very best recovery software that helps people repair Outlook data. The product has undergone serious changes and offers and impressive mix of performance, reliability and ease of use that our customers have never seen before.”

Hence, the program developed by Recovery Toolbox is indeed one of the best applications that help to fix corrupted .pst files. To know more, please contact our technical support team.

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