Fixing Wrong Outlook Email Settings

Outlook Problems

Fix Outlook Problems

It is a known fact that Microsoft Outlook is the program that most of the business personnel use for managing their email accounts. One of the major properties of the program that makes the program so popular is that users can manage multiple email accounts with the Outlook email manager program. One could say that Outlook is the most famous and widely used Microsoft software in the world. The program is available with the Office suite set of programs and installs itself automatically to your system when you install the Microsoft Office suite. However, you may choose to purchase the software as a separate program from Microsoft.

Microsoft makes it a point to release updates and security patches regularly for fixing the issues found with the program and to protect it from latest threats. However, Outlook users often will have to endure some Outlook problems. One of the most common issues with Outlook email client is that related to email settings.

One of the main reasons for the presence of Outlook problems related to email settings is configuring of wrong email settings for accessing your email. This issue mainly happens when you enter a wrong port number or when you forget to select the authentication method for sending emails. This can be changed by visiting the Outlook email settings window. Review all the account settings and make sure that you have entered all the details correctly. The correct port settings for Gmail are given here. Set the incoming port server as 993 and use the authentication as SSL. Set the outgoing port server number as 465 or 587.

Outlook Email Settings

Outlook Email Client

Another important issue is the one related to account access. Since most of the work accounts do not provide direct access to the Outlook email manager program, you need to consult with the system administrator for gaining access to the mail server. You also need to set the email server with the same settings as those set in the email manager program. For example, if you set the Outlook email manager program to use IMAP, then you must set the email server to use IMAP technology.

Another issue with the Outlook program connection settings is the settings getting lost after the migration from an older version to a new one. This can happen to anyone and if you have this issue, just open the email settings window and make the necessary changes for accessing the email again.

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Get Microsoft Support To Fix Outlook Issues

Outlook Problems

Fix Outlook Problems

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email manager program in the world. Millions of people use it for managing their emails each and every day. The program is mainly used by professionals and corporates for managing the plethora of emails they receive. One of the best features of Outlook is that you can check emails offline, once you have downloaded them to your desktop or laptop. The program may show some error while you work with it, and most issues can be fixed by the users itself. However some complex Outlook problems would require an expert’s supervision for fixing.

One of thing that many forget is that the program is not just an email manager, but a complete personal manager program with a fully functional calendar feature which allows the user to create and schedule meetings. And a contacts manager program that helps in managing contacts. Newer versions of Outlook now also have a notes taking feature which allows to take notes right from the application window.

If you receive some sort of errors with the Outlook program, the first thing you need to do is to isolate it and look for fixes. One of the most common Outlook problems is corruption of the Outlook data file. As you may know, Outlook stores all of its data in the PST files, and corruption of these files will lead to errors, with the program sometimes refusing to start. You can either run the inbox repair tool for fixing the issue or get help from Microsoft with doing this. We suggest that you run the Inbox repair tool once before contacting support.

Outlook Support Center

Solve Outlook Problems


If you are not able to fix the issue by yourself, you can get help from Microsoft. Microsoft has a well developed Outlook support center for catering to the needs of their customers. Support center professionals can be contacted through a phone by calling the support number or you can use the chat support for getting instant support through chat. You may also choose to get support through email, as email support is also available from Microsoft. In most cases, the support center executives would give you some simple steps for fixing the issues.

However if the issue can’t be fixed easily, then they might ask for remote access; grant them that and the issue would be fixed in no time.

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Tips For Recovering A Corrupted PST File

Invalid XML

Outlook Fixes

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client application employed by millions of users worldwide. It is blessed with several features that make it one of the favorite email clients for all types of customers. However, like other software, Microsoft Outlook also shows some issues, mainly because of the corruption of Outlook PST files. The corruption of PST file can occur due to many reasons and if it occurs, your Outlook will start showing problems, which will result in the malfunctioning of your Outlook application.

All the information stored inside your Outlook program will be in the form of PST files. Therefore, if any corruption to PST file occurs, it will lead to the loss of your valuable data and information. It also occurs when the PST file size goes above a certain limit. Corruption of PST files can occur at anytime, it is better therefore to take an online backup of this information so that you can easily recover it. Outlook provides the option to conduct either recovering or repairing of the Outlook PST file. Given below are few tips that will help you to perform Outlook repair and recover corrupted Outlook PST files.


Fixes For Outlook

As the first step, you need to find out the specific corrupted file on your system. Its default path is C drive: \Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook. Start making a backup of the file by opening this location before you do anything for recovering the corrupted files. It is extremely difficult for you to recover your Outlook PST file if the backup is not made properly. You can continue with your Outlook fix once you create a successful backup.

Another step that is available to recover your corrupted PST file is running a special tool called the Outlook repair tool. An inbuilt Outlook repair tool is present in Outlook, which will help to recover lost information very easily. Before you begin, it also enables the users to conduct a search for these PST files on your Windows computer.

Instructions to use the Inbox repair tool

  • Navigate to the folder that contains the corrupted PST files by clicking the button called Browse. After that, you need to double click the option called Outlook.pst.
  • Now, find the Start button in the interface of the repair tool window and click it. Your files will be scanned by the tool and if there are any errors found, they will be listed. Now, click the button called Repair to fix it.

These instructions will help you to fix corrupted PST files. For more help and assistance, contact the Windows support number.

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Outlook Error- 'The Operation Timed Out While Waiting For A Response From The Receiving Server'

Invalid Xml

Solving Invalid XML error

Microsoft Outlook is an email application client from Microsoft that is equally popular among business as well as personal users. Even though it serves several uses, Microsoft Outlook may sometime shows some errors, which might need some troubleshooting steps to fix. In most cases, when you try to send or receive email messages, you will be receiving errors saying ‘Cannot start Outlook’, ‘Invalid XML error’ and ‘the operation timed out while waiting for a response from the receiving server’. There are quite a few reasons that lead to such errors. Now, let’s look at some of the most common reasons for such errors.

Slow internet connection to the mail server

Slow internet connection to the mail server is the main reason for this error. It can be solved by closing the download and other windows that use the Internet and thereby free up the internet bandwidth. Try to increase your mail server time out periods even if the problem persists. Follow these steps to do the same.

  • Navigate to the menu called File and then click the option called Account Settings.
  • From the Account Settings window, you need to double click your Outlook email account.
  • Next, click the option called Settings, then Advanced and finally Increase your timeouts period. Here you can set the time out periods that you want.

Sending of larger emails or email attachments

This can be another reason for Cannot Start Outlook or Invalid XL error. Your email account will be blocked, if you are sending or receiving large chunks of email that contain large attachments. If this process is taking too much of time than your normal Automatic Send & Receive periods, then the mail server will timeout and will finally end up in an error called 0x8004210E: “Your mailbox is already locked.” therefore, the only way to solve this error is to just wait until the emails containing larger attachments are sent or received.

Outlook Support

Solution for Invalid XML error

Antivirus software

Sometimes, the antivirus software that you have installed in your system may interfere with your Outlook program where it causes delay to the sending and receiving of email operations. This will make Outlook wait for a long time to send or receive emails and will ultimately end up in the Outlook error. Therefore, disabling the antivirus software is the best option that you can take to avoid the problems caused due to this. These are some of the causes and solutions to frequently occurring Invalid XML errors or Cannot Start Outlook problems. For more information regarding this, contact our Outlook support number.

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Top 4 Solutions For The 'Cannot Start Outlook' Error

Invalid Xml

      Invalid Xml Files Leads To Issues

One of the most annoying issues in Microsoft Outlook is the Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook error. There might be several reasons for the issue, some of which are Invalid XML or a non-responsive program and many more. A different error message appears for every version, but the frustration is the same. However, there are few simple fixes for the issue.

Navigation Pane configuration file recovery

  • Click on the Start menu and then click on the Run option to open the Run command window, type Cmd in the space provided so as to open the Command Prompt.
  • A window with a black screen and a white cursor blinking opens up, copy paste the command Outlook.Exe /Resetnavpane and then hit Enter. This will solve the issue with Outlook.
  • In case you are worried of making things worse with the commands, fixes for them are available in Microsoft’s home page.

Use the Inbox Repair Tool to repair your Outlook.pst file

  • From the C: drive, open the Program Files folder and then open the folder that contains the version of Microsoft Office you use.
  • Look for Scanpst.Exe and double click on the same.
  • This opens the inbox repair tool for Outlook; now look for the Outlook.Pst file with the option to browse.
  • Click on the Start button once you have chosen the file, in order to solve the issue.

Start over with a new Outlook profile

  • Another effective solution to this issue is to start over again, and create a new Outlook profile. Alternatively, you can also consider upgrading to the latest version while creating a new profile.
  • Open the Control Panel, and click on the Mail icon.
  • Click on the tab that says Data File in the Account Settings menu. Click on the option that says Set As Default After Selecting The Preferred Profile.

    Error Message

             Scanpst Resolves Invalid Xml Issue

Later you can import emails and contacts into the Outlook profile that you created.

Disable compatibility mode for Microsoft Outlook

  • Last but not the least, disabling the compatibility mode for Outlook would bring about a solution to the error message due to invalid XML file.
  • In the search bar of the Start menu, type in the space provided Outlook.exe. Right click on the OUTLOOK.Exe fileand click on the option Properties.
  • Open Compatibility Tab in the Properties window and uncheck the option that says Run This Program In Compatibility Mode, if it is checked.

These steps should fix the issue with Outlook. Contact our tech support desk for any further assistance.

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