Steps To Fix Invalid XML Errors In Outlook 2007

Invalid XML

      Fix Invalid XML Errors

All the Outlook data is stored in one place called the PST file. This storage file includes all your emails received, emails sent, contacts, calendars, notes and other items associated with the application. Sometimes, this outlook data file can become corrupted. This can be due to various reasons like virus attacks, power outage etc. Sometimes, the file can become corrupted to the reasons like huge size of the file, antivirus software scanning issues, network file sharing issues etc. In order to fix these issues, you may try the archive PST function in the program.

Now, one of the issues that can come up in the program is the invalid XML, an unknown error has occurred. 0X80040119. This error is commonly found on Outlook 2007 when it is running on Windows Vista or Windows XP operating systems. This error can pop up when you try to read a message or simply while launching the program. The cause of this error is PST file corruption. Let us find out how to fix this error.

Steps Involved

Outlook has a tool, which is designed to fix the PST corruption issues. This tool is called the Inbox Repair Tool and it will be present in the Outlook folders with the name scanpst.exe.

  • Open My Computer in the program and click Folder Options.
  • Choose the option Show hidden files and folders. You should enable the view of hidden files because scanpst.exe is saved as a hidden file in the computer.
  • Go to the search function of your computer and search with the keyword scanpst.exe.
  • The scan will help you to locate the file and its folder is %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office12\
  • Next step is to locate the path of the PST file in your computer. For this, you may carry out a search on the computer with
    XML Errors

         Solution For Invalid XML Errors

    the keyword, Outlook.pst. Once you locate the file, copy the path of the file.

  • Go back to the location of Outlook repair tool. Double click and run the tool on the PC.
  • Paste the location of the .pst file in the specified area.
  • Choose the button Start and this will begin the scan of the PST file.
  • Once the scan is completed, the program will repair the corrupted PST file.

With the above steps, the Invalid XML errors in the program can be fixed. For further assistance on Outlook issues, you may contact our technical support team.

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Procedure To Iterate Through For Finding Invalid XML Files

Invalid XML

               Invalid XML Error

You might be aware of the markup language HTML. The problem is that it is not possible for you to put HTML into an XML document. It will be an invalid XML file. What happens is that the XML parser in all languages will be throwing an error, when you try accessing the XML document through programming methods. You need not worry because there is a solution to the invalid XML errors.  All you need to do is include the CDATA section elements within these invalid elements for fixing them.

The next thing you need to know is which XML files are invalid. Even this may not be easy for many, who do not know the trick of doing it. There are two ways. The difficult one for finding out what files are invalid is to open them one at a time in an editor that can be used to parse the file. It is obvious that we need some better way to do this, a method that is far easier than doing it one at a time. Now, before that, you need to first find out the number of XML files that are invalid. This is, without doubt, a valuable information that can help you decide on the way to proceed to arrive at a possible solution that can make things easier.

The solution is a fast and crude APSX web page for the purpose of iterating through all of the XML files, attempting to parse them, and show the file name of the invalid ones.

XML document

               Invalid XML Instructions

Now, the great thing here is that the mark-up and code-behind are actually commented thoroughly for assisting you.  The users will be able to just download it and place it in their website.  Now, for it to properly work users need to get into the code-behind.  After that, they need to change the entire file path it searches through.

This solution searches through the directory mentioned in the code-behind.  Thereafter, it tries to load each XML file into an in-memory XmlDocument object. In case an error occurs, the XML file is automatically considered as invalid.  Things can become extremely simple with this solution.

The great thing about this file is that it can search through over 100k XML files in a short period of less than 30 seconds. Moreover, there are other things such that it shows the file path, file name, and you will see that the files are now clickable.

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Reasons Why Outlook Fails To Start

Invalid XML Error

Fix Invalid XML Error

One of the major issues that the Microsoft Outlook program exhibits is the ‘Unable to start Outlook’ error. Every Outlook user might have come across this error at least once during their term of use. You get the error when you try to launch the program by double clicking on its icon found in the desktop. Usually if the program is having issues, Outlook will not launch, you will be able to see an hourglass symbol on the screen and after a while you will get the error message saying ‘Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook’ on the screen.

Often the reason for this error is the invalid XML file present in the Outlook folders due to some corruption. Microsoft in their Outlook support website listed the main cause of this error as the corruption of the Navigation Pane settings file in Outlook. If the file named profilename.xml, where ‘profilename’ is the name of your Outlook profile, is corrupted, you will get an error. You can find whether the file is corrupted or not by checking the size of the file. If the size is shown as 0KB, then the file is obviously corrupted and you will receive error.

Even though no one knows the exact reason for the occurrence of this error, it is widely found in all versions of Microsoft Outlook from Outlook 2003 to the latest Outlook 2013. Another reason for the presence of the issues with Outlook email manager program is running the program in compatibility mode. Another common reason for the issues with Outlook email client is the corruption of Outlook data file, which can be the result of a faulty reinstallation or virus attacks.

Troubleshoot Invalid XML

Troubleshoot Invalid XML Errors

Whatever the reason may be, the final outcome is all same, you get an Outlook program that fails to launch and perform. Sometimes, the program will launch, but when you try to get new emails, the program will freeze or stop responding to the commands. The error messages that most common versions of Outlook programs display on the screen are given below.

Outlook 2010 program will show the message ‘Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience’, Outlook 2007 displays the message ‘Cannot open your default e-mail folders. The information store could not be opened’, while Outlook 2003 displays ‘Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Unable to open the Outlook window’ or ‘Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded.’

If you are constantly facing Outlook startup issues, you can contact our tech support desk to get apt assistance and fix the issues at the earliest.

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How To Fix Outlook PST File Errors

Invalid XML

Fix Invalid XML Error

If you are using Outlook email client to send and receive emails, there might have been a few instances when you had encountered errors with the program. Two of the common errors that many people encounter while running their Outlook program are the Errors have been detected in the file <path to pst-file> and invalid XML. These errors can come up when the PST file of the Outlook program becomes corrupted. Keep in mind that the PST file is the most important file associated with the program as it is the storage space of your contacts, emails, calendar entries etc.

So, what are the consequences of PST file corruption? When the PST file becomes corrupted, you will no longer be able to access your mailbox. This means, until you fix this issue, you cannot access or view your emails, calendar entries or contacts. However, if you have already created a backup of the Outlook PST file, you can fix this issue. This will help you to retrieve the data and view the inbox.

Now, if you do not have the backup of the PST file, you may try to fix it using the Inbox repair tool that comes with the program. The inbox repair tool can be found in the computer with the name scanpst.exe. This tool is designed to diagnose the errors with the PST file and fix it accordingly. When the tool finds errors with the file during the scan, it restores the data.

Email Client

Resolution For Invalid XML

Scanpst.exe file can be found in the folder ‘C:\program files\Microsoft Office\Office12\‘. In order to run this application, double-click it. When the tool comes up, it asks you to open the PST file in it. You need to browse to the location of the file and choose it. Choose the button ‘Start’ in the program and this will run the scan of the PST file. Once the scan finishes, it records any errors associated with it and fixes it.

Sometimes, when you try to repair the file, you may receive an error message ‘The file <path to pst-file> is not an Outlook data file (.pst)’. This error shows that the repair process was not a success. In such cases, you will have to use any of the third party tools like Outlook PST recovery software to fix this issue.

For further assistance on Outlook issues like ‘invalid xml errors’, you may contact our technical support team.

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Fixing Error 0x800ccc0b In Outlook Express

Invalid XML

Fix Invalid XML Error

Outlook Express is an email manager program that many use for managing their emails. Outlook Express is essentially a cut down version of the Microsoft Outlook email client. Like the full version, the cut down version is also susceptible to errors. One of the most commonly found errors is the 0x800CCC0B error that you receive when you try to send or receive new emails. The error mainly occurs when you try to send a third party email from the Outlook Express program. You may be surprised to see that the POP account works fine, the reason for this is that the SMTP 0x800CCC0B error occurs only while sending emails.

Presence of invalid XML is one of the reasons that lead to the appearance of the SMTP 0x800CCC0B error. Here we discuss some simple instructions for fixing the error.


  • Open the Outlook Express email manager program by double clicking on its icon found in the desktop. However if you are not able to find the desktop shortcut icon, click on the Start menu and then on the All Programs tab for viewing all the programs installed in the system. Now click on the Outlook Express tab found in the list for launching the program.
  • When the program window appears on the screen, click on the Tools menu for opening the drop down menu and click on the option labeled as Accounts found under it.
  • Now the program will show you all the accounts that are configured with the Outlook Express program. Select the account that throws the invalid XML error when you try to send or receive email from the list of accounts displayed on the screen.
    Outlook Express program

    Fixing XML Error

    Click on the Properties tab found in the window for viewing the account properties.

  • Now navigate to the Servers tab shown on the screen and put a check mark in the check box found next to the option labeled as My server requires authentication found under the Outgoing Mail Server tab.
  • Click on the OK button for saving the changes made to the email manager program.
  • Close the program and re-launch it, now click on the Send/Recv button found in the application window. If everything goes well, you will be able to send and receive emails from the Outlook Express program.

If you are still getting the error on the screen even after following the steps provided above, feel free to contact the Outlook help and support team.

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