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Steps To Fix Outlook Search Problems

Outlook Problems

           Outlook Issues

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most advanced email applications that comprises of several useful features. Most of these features such as a calendar, task manager, journals etc. help the users to successfully schedule and organize their important dates and events. In addition to this, Outlook also serves as an excellent personal information manager that securely stores the personal and contact information of the users in specific folders. If the contact information of the users is stored in the Outlook address book, the personal storage tables store the personal information of the users.

Sometimes, while running Outlook, you may encounter certain issues that may prevent you from accessing the application further. For example, you may find it difficult to search for an email in Outlook. Although you can contact the Outlook tech support team anytime to fix such Outlook problems, you can also fix them manually.

For fixing the Outlook search problem, you can use the following instructions.

  • At first, you need to start Windows and click on the Control panel. Now, you need to click on Windows Features activate and deactivate
  • Next, you need to switch off the Windows Search optionto allow Windows to start a reconfiguration. Now, restart the system.
  • Now, try entering something into the Outlook search box. Here, you’d get a pop up from Outlook that the Search function is not working. Now, you need to close Outlook and restart Windows.
  • After restarting your system, again go to Control panel and click on the Windows Features activate and deactivate option.
  • Next, try switching on Windows Search. Again, Windows will start a reconfiguration and ask for a restart.
  • Now, you’d see that Windows will reinstall the Search function in your system. Once restarted, click on the Indexing Service.

    Personal Information Manager

                    Outlook Updates

  • In the next step, you need to click on Change and Rebuild the Index option and then rebuild the index to fix such Outlook problems.
  • As the index gets rebuilt, you need to open Outlook and then type in something into the Search box. Here, Outlook may tell you that the search results are incomplete.
  • This means that there are certain items left that still need to be indexed. For this, click on Search tools to find the option by the name Indexing Status.
  • You will get a list of items that still need to be indexed and you can continue doing the process.

Now, once you click on the Search option in Outlook, you will get more results for sure. However, if you still face the same issue, you may get in touch with our technical support team for further assistance.

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Repairing Corrupt PST Files In Outlook

Outlook Repair

            Outlook Repair Tool

If you are a regular Microsoft Outlook user then you might have come across PST file corruption issues at least once. One of the major issues with the Outlook program is the corruption of the PST files stored in the system. The problem is that when there are some corruption issues, the users will not be able to access some of their emails. However if the corruption is serious, the users will be completely blocked out from accessing their Outlook account. The term PST stands for Personal Storage Table and is used to store all the personal data of the user like emails, contacts, calendar entries and all other user information.

The PST files are locally stored in the storage locations found in the computer, but this can also be added in the server. If the default storage location has not been changed, you can find the emails in the location given in the path here, C:Documents and SettingsUSER Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook. Outlook repair team suggests that you look for the file named Outlook.pst in the given location and use a repair program to fix the issues with the Outlook program.

The best thing with Outlook email manager program is that most of the Outlook issues can be fixed by running the Inbox repair tool embedded with the program. Often, the program itself runs the repair program and if you try to use the program while running the repair process, the program will not start and will show you the message that states “Outlook is running PST repair”. If the automatic Outlook repair process fails to fix the issue, then you will have to run the inbox repair tool. But, for launching the tool you need to find the executable file of the tool.

Running PST Repair

                   Repair Outlook

The tool is named as scanpst.exe and you can find the file by searching for it in your computer. When the file is shown in the search results, double click on it to launch the file and then follow the instructions shown by the wizard to repair the Outlook email manager program. Before running the tool, make sure that you have stopped the Outlook email manager program. If you are not able to find the file, look for the file named CNFNOT32.EXE and launch it to unpack and install the Scanpst.exe file.

If you follow the simple tips given above, you will be able to fix the issues with Outlook due to data corruption.

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Invalid XML Error In Outlook- Causes And Solutions

Invalid XML

                 Invalid XML Error

If you happen to be a regular user of Microsoft Outlook, you are certain to come across a large number of Outlook problems. Oftentimes, the problem could be due to minor issues like slow or no internet connection, or oversize of data in the Outlook folders. Occasionally, a simple restart of the application could fix seemingly grave Outlook issues.

Outlook displays ‘Invalid XML’ error message

Occasionally, you will receive an error message when you try to do a specific action in your Outlook application. For instance, when you try to open a mail from the Outlook inbox, the application refuses to open and displays error messages like Invalid XML or Object cannot be found. The issue arises mainly because of corrupted PST file in the Outlook application.

PST file corruption

You know that Outlook stores all its data such as email messages, drafts, contacts, calendar items and tasks in the form of PST files in the local folder. When changes are made in your PC or a virus attacks your PC, the PST files get affected or corrupted, resulting in you being not able to access many of the Outlook features. The only way to fix a corrupted Outlook PST file is to execute the inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe).

Steps to execute Inbox Repair Tool

  • Close the Outlook application.
  • Navigate to the Start menu and choose Control Panel from the menu.
  • In the Control Panel screen, locate and double-click the Mail icon.
  • Click on the button titled Data File. This will display the file path of the PST file. Note it down and close the screen.
  • Again, go to the Start menu and select My Computer from the dropdown menu.
  • In the Windows Explorer window, locate C:\ drive and double-click it to open.

    Grave Outlook Issues

                    Fix Invalid XML

  • Navigate to Program Files>Common Files>System>MSMAPI>1033.
  • Locate Scanpst.exe in the folder and double-click it to initiate the Inbox Repair Utility.
  • When the Inbox Repair Utility is loaded, type or copy and paste the file path you have noted down in the text field.
  • Click on the Start button to authenticate Inbox Repair Tool to initiate PST file scanning.
  • Inbox Repair tool will scan all the PST files for errors. You will be notified of the errors and prompted to repair the corrupted PST files upon the completion of the scanning.
  • Select OK to repair the files.

You have successfully repaired the corrupted PST files in your Outlook application. Restart Outlook and open the emails you wish to read. No more error messages should pop up now.

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Attaching Your Printer To The Windows 8 System

Microsoft Windows 8

                  About Windows 8 Options

It may take you a while to figure out the new options and features in Microsoft Windows 8. This time, Microsoft has made too many changes in their operating system in one go. This includes ditching the traditional desktop UI for a new Metro interface, and removing the Start menu to focus on touch-based options and functions.

Surprisingly, all these changes have made Microsoft Windows 8 somewhat less user-friendly than previous versions. Microsoft’s strategy was clear from the beginning. They planned to provide the same OS experience across multiple platforms. Theoretically, this sounded like a good idea; but practically it failed. The result of their efforts was somewhat like the smartphone OS, but designed for desktop and laptop computers.

Confusing Microsoft Windows 8

For example, all the OS options and settings are hidden away from the main Metro UI screen, exactly as in a smartphone. In addition, you now have a Start Screen that looks like the Apps screen you see in a Windows Phone. Many laptop and users find it difficult to locate even the simple shutdown option in Windows 8.

If you have to connect a printer to the new OS, you will find that you now have to go through four or five steps to access the Device Manager and start with the installation. This used to take just two or three steps in older Windows systems, with the Start Menu and Control Panel at hand.

However, to access Device Manager in Windows 8, you first have to launch the hidden Charms bar. From here, you will have to select the option Settings, then click on Change PC Settings, and then select Devices.

Smartphone OS

                Contact Microsoft Support

If Windows 8 automatically detects the printer, then it will be displayed here. If not, you will have to click on the Add a Device option to initiate a search for the external device. If this does not work either, then you will have to click on the button Not Finding What You Are Looking For?

This will launch the Windows Help and Support utility on your screen with some useful links for troubleshooting your issues. You can also use the Advanced Setup option shown there, if you are sure that the device is connected properly. When the printer is detected, you can select it from the list displayed and move on with other settings.

As you can see, the modern user interface requires you to take more steps for a simple task like connecting a printer in Windows 8. To learn more on Microsoft’s new OS, and how to master the platform, contact our tech support team right away.

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