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Microsoft Outlook, one of the elite members of the software applications included in Microsoft Office suite, is not just popular, rather the best email client available. There are many features and functions offered, with which most business communications are made simple, organized and neatly managed. Like any other software, even Outlook is not perfect. There are many possible Outlook problems that may occur while using Microsoft Outlook.

Users of computer applications need to know that the program you are running depends on resources that are held on another system. The other computer we are talking about is the Server and has to be contacted over the Internet.

What are Servers?

There are servers all over the Internet and all internet users use them every day without actually coming across them themselves. Servers work with the local systems behind the scenes. The work being done is locally. This in fact is just a portion of the work your local program does. It may even be performed on some other system.

What are Clients?

Actually, your PC or local computer is referred to as the Client. The term client can also be used to refer to the program accessing various services on the Internet or network.


The application where the client receives services from a remote system is known as Client Server Architecture. It is the client that always contacts with a request for a service. The server gives the response. This simple request/response transaction is known as a connection. Web page to a Web browser usually follows this type of model. Certain applications require the client and server to maintain contact for some time and then exchange different messages.

Connection issue

Using Microsoft Outlook

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Now, coming to the connection issue, when you get an error message stating that the server is unavailable temporarily, then it is mostly because the server is too busy to fulfill the request at that moment. Actually, Internet servers have to handle thousands of clients every day, at times even millions. These systems have to divide their workload as a group of servers known as cluster.

Most of the times, the user has little or no control over where the client application goes for services. For instance, you may know that the Hotmail server and the user will not be gaining anything by directing the email client to another server. You will have to wait to for the server to function properly when such Outlook problems occur.

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Dealing With The 'Operation Failed And Object Cannot Be Found' Issue In Outlook 2007

Invalid XML

Solving Invalid XML Error

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients that is used by many people. Outlook makes it very easy when it comes to sending and receiving emails. Apart from managing emails, you can manage tasks, calendar appointments, tasks and contacts. Though the application makes one’s job all the more easy, at times they run into trouble. Most of the issues that pop up in Outlook would be due to PST file corruption. On the other hand, there are issues that arise in Outlook due to Invalid XML errors.

When you select the send/receive button, an error message pops up which says ‘The object could not be found’. This is the result of a corrupt or damaged profile. The only resolution for this issue would be to delete and recreate the profile. Follow these instructions to find a solution.


  • Go to the desktop and to the lower left corner of the screen, you will find the Start button. Click on the same.
  • From the Start menu, click on the Control Panel option.
  • Double click on the Mail icon.
  • This opens the Mail dialogue box. From the dialogue box, choose Show Profiles. On the other hand, this is also called Mail Setup in a few computers.
  • In order to add a new profile, click on the Add button. Type a Name for the profile that you are creating and then click on Ok.
  • Next, you need to type the Email Address for the profile and then choose Next.
  • The email address that you type is supposed to configure with Outlook automatically. From the list, select a Server Type and then click on Next. In case you find any other fields, fill it appropriately. Click on More Settings and make sure you have entered all the required details there as well.

    XML Issues

    Invalid XML Issues

  • Hit the Finish button.
  • In the Mail dialogue box, select the Always Use This Profile option. When you select this, the profile that you are creating will be set as the default email account. Ensure that the email account that you created is selected.
  • In case you have multiple email accounts and would like to choose the email account every time you open Outlook, then you will have to select the option Prompt For A Profile To Be Used.
  • Click on Ok.

Hence the issues with Invalid XML error can be resolved with the above mentioned instructions. You may refer to our tech support column in order to find a solution for any other XML issues.

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How To Add Windows Live Mail To Outlook

Outlook Problems

Features Of Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is considered as the best email client in the world and has millions of users. This email client program from Microsoft reports very low number of Outlook problems. This makes Outlook a favorite of a lot of users.

Now, Windows Live mail is also an email service from Microsoft. However, it is not a standalone program and you will have to use any of the internet browsers to access this service. The major disadvantage of using Windows Live Mail is that you will not be able to view your emails if there is no internet connection. However, if you use Outlook, you can view the downloaded emails even if there is no internet connection. Therefore, experts advise that you start using Outlook instead of Windows Live mail so that managing your emails becomes simpler.

Outlook provides a simple technique for the users to access their Windows Live Mail service. You may download and install a connector in Outlook program that will help users to access Live mails from their Outlook. With this, you no longer have to launch an internet browser to view your emails.


In order to download and install the connector, your computer’s operating system should be at least Windows XP. The Outlook version should be Outlook 2003 or any of the later ones. Once your computer satisfies these conditions, follow the steps below to download and install the connector program in the computer.

Steps Involved

  • Launch any of the internet browsers and navigate to the Microsoft Office Outlook web page.

    Outlook Settings

    Fix Outlook Problems

  • Download and save the file to any of the locations in the computer.
  • Double click the file OutlookConnector.exe and this will begin the installation of the program.
  • Launch the Start menu and select the option Microsoft Office Outlook to launch the program. Once Outlook comes up, you will receive a window that asks you to add the Windows Live account details.
  • Type your name, Windows Live ID and its corresponding password in the respective fields.
  • Press the OK button and the program will add the email account in the list of emails. Once the configuration finishes, you will find the Windows Live inbox in the Outlook program.

We hope that the above steps have helped you to add Windows Live email to your Outlook window. For further assistance on Outlook problems and Outlook settings, you may contact our technical support team.

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Restoring Outlook's Default Installations, Settings And Toolbars

Outlook Repair

Outlook Original Settings

Microsoft Outlook is an extremely useful email client program and finds application in workplaces because of its ability to handle emails from multiple different email accounts. Outlook features various productivity tools, from a complete contact manager to task managers that allow users to handle large volumes of email in a short time. If you receive hundreds of emails a day and have to reply and send out another hundred, Outlook comes in handy, sorting out what is important and sending out mass emails at the touch of a button.

Apart from the productivity features that Outlook contains, Microsoft allows you to install and use Add-ins, tools and utilities from the internet. They enhance user experience and allow additional productivity features for which Microsoft Outlook does not have native support. While certain add-ins work like they are supposed to, some faulty add-ins might change your Outlook settings. From the Outlook menus, startup routines and toolbars, many features can get affected due to a faulty add-in. The root cause of the issue is bad-programming of these third-party tools and in certain situations, custom information for third party add-ins and utilities.

In such situations, it is best to restore the Outlook default settings to the prior state. The default settings will bring back the native toolbars. Outlook repair by bringing back default settings will also bring back the default Outlook settings. Bringing back Outlook to default settings is useful when you are faced with the following issues.

  • Outlook freezes when performing certain actions or slows down to a halt from time to time.
  • When Outlook menus and toolbars automatically vanish and are difficult to bring back.
  • When you receive Out of Memory errors or Microsoft error reports when you run the program.
Microsoft Outlook

Removing Outlook Add-Ins

All the settings related to Outlook user interface are stored inside a file called OUTCMD.DAT. Outlook repair by troubleshooting the DAT file can be made by making the following changes.

  • Terminate the Outlook program if you are running it.
  • Locate the .DAT file, usually found in the default path, which is “C:\Documents and Settings\*USER*\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook” where USER is the name of the Windows login account.
  • Rename the file OUTCMD.DAT file and then restart Outlook.

This method works because Outlook automatically creates a fresh OUTCMD.DAT file and recovers original settings. Any changes to the user-interface made previously will automatically return to the default state.

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Fixing The Hyperlink Issue In MS Outlook

Invalid XML

Invalid XML Error Correction

Most people prefer using Microsoft Outlook due to the fact that the program provides one of the safest and the most advanced emailing experiences. Also, it comprises of options where the Outlook users can securely store their personal and contact information.

While composing or accessing an email in Outlook, you can use hyperlinks that can enable you to open a pre-address email. In cases where the hyperlinks don’t function, it may be due to the improper marking of the text as a hyperlink. Sometimes, even Outlook is found to disable the hyperlinks for security.

Many users call up the Outlook tech support where they get invalid XML errors and Outlook error messages that says This Operation Has Been Cancelled. In such cases, it is often advised to adjust the computer’s default programs or import a registry key. Some of the troubleshooting methods to fix such invalid XML errors in Outlook include the following.

Resetting Internet Explorer

  • In cases where you use Internet Explorer as your Web browser, you can fix the disabled hyperlinks issue by changing the settings of IE. By doing so, you will be able to disable the toolbars and then retrieve the security settings to their default configurations.
  • Even if you do so, the personal settings in the browser will remain the same until you enable the Delete Personal Settings option while resetting IE.
  • By using an administrator Windows account, you would be able to reset IE. First click on Tools followed by Internet options. Now, you need to select the Advanced tab and then click on Reset.

Checking Phishing emails

Outlook Error

Invalid XML Error Message

  • In several cases, it has been found that users are not able to access the hyperlink option because of the incoming phishing emails that Outlook usually blocks. These emails are mainly intended to get personal information from users and direct them to websites where they would be asked to enter their information.
  • However, if you trust the source of the message and want to enable the same, you need to click on the notification and choose the Enable Links and Other Functionality option.
  • But if the email application flags a specific email as a phishing message, it is strictly advised to not follow the links in the message.

By following these steps, you can successfully fix the hyperlink issues in Microsoft Outlook. To get more assistance on Outlook features, you may contact our tech support team.

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