Tips For Fixing The Outlook 0x800ccc78 Error

Outlook Repair

                  Outlook Repair

Many long-time users would be, by now, familiar with the different error codes that appear every now and then as the Outlook application faces some technical problems. These error codes are a part of Microsoft Knowledge Base system, where they have numbers and codes for each software error, bug fix, OS update and so on. The use of such error codes makes the process of finding the Outlook repair solution much easier.

Repairing the Outlook 0x800ccc78 error on your own

Many of the Outlook errors including the 0x800ccc78 one mentioned here can be fixed easily, if you are a bit tech-savvy and have been managing the Outlook installation and settings yourself. If a system administrator did these things and you have no clue about changing the Outlook settings, then it would be better to contact the tech support personnel for this.

In most cases, such errors might be the result of some error in the Outlook account setup details. So, you can start by checking the Outlook account settings for your webmail account. Go to Tools menu, then Account Settings. Under the Email tab you see there, select the account you are using and press on the Change button. This will open the Account settings window with all the saved settings. Make the necessary changes here and save the data.

This should fix the problem. If not, repeat the steps again. This time, press the More Settings button you see there on the wizard to launch the Account Properties window. Go to the Outgoing Server tab here and make sure that the option My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication is indeed selected. If not, put a checkmark there. Also, select the option Use same settings as my incoming mail server and then, save these settings.

Outlook Settings Errors

                Contact Outlook Support

If you are still getting the same error message, make sure that the port numbers, server address details, server timeout settings, etc are indeed correct. If you have ruled out these Outlook settings errors, then the error might very well be the result of PST file corruption. Use the Outlook repair tool already there in your MS Office folders to fix this issue. Search for scanpst.exe in your C drive. Locate the file and double-click on it to run it. Select the PST file and scan it using the tool for detecting the errors. This should fix the problem.

If you have any doubts regarding these steps, you may contact our tech support personnel for assistance.

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Deleting Sent Outlook Email In A Mac

Outlook Problems

              Outlook Mail Deletion

If you use Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, there’s a disadvantage because of the lack of access to the Outbox. Once a user sends an email, he will not be able to keep it from being sent at the last moment. This is one of the main features that Outlook users utilize frequently. It also helps in instances when the message they tried to send was too big to be sent in a single go.

Just like with other Outlook problems, there’s a way for Mac users to work around the inaccessibility of the outbox folder, and stop a sent message from being sent out. Here’s what to do immediately After clicking the send button.

Stopping a message from the progress window

  • Open the Progress window using the keyboard shortcut Command + 7. Alternately, select this from the Window menu, but it’s faster with the keyboard combo.
  • Hit the Cancel button you’ll see at the right of the message being sent. This will stop the transfer.
  • Go to the Outlook menu and choose the Work Offline option. All Send & Receive schedules will be cut short now.
  • You’ll see the Outbox at the bottom of the navigation pane, on the left and to the top of the view buttons.
  • Open the Outbox and check out the outgoing messages, to make any changes to these, or to delete them.
  • Go to the Outlook menu and reselect Work Offline to bring the internet connection back.
Outbox Folder

           Outlook Mail Handling

If you have a message that’s stuck in the Outbox and stopping other messages from going out, you can access the Outbox by setting Outlook to work offline.

Sometimes, you have a problem where a deleted message stays in the Outbox, and blocks the other emails from leaving it as well. These are usually stored in the root level of the mailbox. For fixing such an issue, do the following.

  • Change the SMTP server that you’re using for your account, to something that lets you access sent items. This should be changed back before you can resume normal use of the account.
  • There are third party tools such as MFCMAPI, OutlookSpy, or MDBVue, which lets you delete the hidden messages in the Outbox.

These are two of the ways to take care of email messages getting stuck in the Outbox, in Outlook for Mac 2011. For similar help with Outlook problems, check out other posts.

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Improve Productivity With Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Problems

               Microsoft Outlook Features

Almost all the versions in Outlook including Outlook 2007 and 2010 utilize Microsoft Word to render HTML emails. Since Word does not render most of the common HTML, it is not necessary that the email in your web browser and the one in the receiver end should look alike. It would not differ much from the original created but still there are few common Outlook problems. Some of which are,

Spacing In Your Email

One of the common issues in Outlook is spacing when you try to send HTML emails. This includes issues with the padding or margins around images along with line spacing. Some of the issues are,

  • You would notice extra line spacing in between paragraphs when you utilize double line spacing.
  • When the email arrives in the inbox, you would notice random spacing in the email, which has plenty of contents and images included in it.
  • Finally, at the time for printing this email, Outlook would check if there are any issues with the spacing.

Usually when there are issues with spacing, images are printed in two different pages. It is not nice when image prints divided in two different pages.

Fonts In The Email Messages

In case you notice incorrect fonts in Outlook when you code your own template, you need to make sure that the style you set is also set on the parent elements of text. When you utilize the fonts from Outlook, the issue is taken care of, and hence you will not experience any incompatibility. Outlook is neither standardized when it comes to different styles nor designed in such a way that it would resolve conflicts between two different styles. Hence, when you use different styles, one for the content and the other for the heading, you might find the text to appear different from what you expected.

Issues In Outlook

                 Microsoft Outlook Express

Images In The Email Messages

When you try to insert an image with the help of MailChimp, Outlook would ignore the changes made to the image and would paste the same with the original dimensions. This is because word HTML rendering is not good with resizing images.

Some of the other reasons for this image resizing issues in Outlook can be local settings preventing them. Though the settings are not default, there are chances for local settings to cause issues with image resizing. In most of the cases, such Outlook problems can be resolved by just reopening the message.

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What To Do When You Lose Your Outlook Password

Outlook Repair

                Outlook Email Decryption

In Microsoft Outlook email client, all your emails are stored inside your computer in a PST file. This is extremely useful, especially when you want to create a backup for future needs. However, emails can contain sensitive information and you do not want it to fall on others hands. If you do not use password encryption, any person who has access to the PST file can technically view all your emails.

Hence, it is better to encrypt the PST file so only the individual with the password can open the email. There are two ways of encrypting the emails:

  • Comprehensive Encryption, which is one of the default ways to password protect your PST files. However, the emails are still stored in the default PST format.
  • High Encryption for Outlook setting has more security because the entire PST file with all its contents is converted into an encrypted file format.

Whichever encryption you use, the PST file will be protected by using a password. The only issue with password encrypting your PST file is that you are out of luck if you forget the password. Microsoft does not provide any Outlook repair tool to recover the file. This means, you will have to look elsewhere to find a solution unless you want to lose all the files.

Outlook Email Client

                Outlook Email Messages

Fortunately, there are several third party software which you can use to recover your Outlook email messages. Some of them are even available for free download. Look through reviews of each software and download the best one. Make sure you download the software from a trusted source so that you do not run the chance of downloading a malware application.  Here is how such software work:

  • Open the Outlook repair password recovery tool and then select the encrypted file as the source file.
  • If the software specifies, rename the Outlook PST file under a different but relevant name.
  • Execute the program and let it do its work. Such software has its own set of decryption tools in order to strip the encrypted emails. This software will then convert it back to an original PST file without any encryption.

Once you are done with Outlook repair, you can use your native Outlook email client in order to view the decrypted message. This tool is extremely helpful in situations where you have forgotten the password or lost it in any other manner.

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Making Use Of Outlook 2007 Error-Checking Features

Invalid XML

    Resolving Outlook XML Error

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email clients out in the market. The big list of features that Outlook provides is only a part of the reason why it is successful. Another reason why Outlook is popular is because it contains functionalities that enable you to fix common issues with Outlook with minimum interaction from your end. This way, you will come across very few hassles while using Outlook.

Getting to know the features of Outlook helps you troubleshoot possible common issues that you might come across. Knowing how to solve them will give you an edge and help you correct the error that caused the fault. Here are some of the most common errors and their fixes.

  • If you notice slow loading, you should look for Microsoft Outlook updates. Usually, there are several issues with a new version of Outlook, which are resolved by using patches. Thus, if you install the patches, you will witness better performance.
  • Several issues have been reported with the Calendar feature in Outlook 2007. Some of them are reduced functionality when using Calendar and inability to print dates correctly. Updating your Outlook application will solve many of these issues.
  • At times, Outlook 2007 will refuse to load because of XML issues. The error message will read, “Cannot start MS Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be downloaded.” In order to solve this issue, click on Run and then type in outlook.exe /resetnavpane. This will bring back Outlook like before.

    XML Issues

                 Solving Invalid XML Issues

  • At times, the add-ins may not work. In such scenarios, Microsoft updates may not work. In most such scenarios, other issues are to be blamed.
  • You will view certain issues when using the Find All option. Moreover, To Do bar will not appear to you. Depending on the settings, you might witness certain other issues with your computer. Microsoft has developed a hot fix to solve this issue.
  • Microsoft recently provided a new update that lets you open hyperlinks. Otherwise, you will receive an Operation canceled message while trying to open any hyperlink.

As you can see, most of the issues with Outlook 2007 have been addressed during the later updates. Invalid XML issue remains. However, this can be rectified every time the problem comes up. Maybe in some further release of Outlook versions, Microsoft would find a way to avoid the issue altogether. However, until then, resetnavpane is our savior in shining armor to save us from XML issues!

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