How To Resolve Invalid XML Errors In Outlook

Invalid XML

Fix XML Errors

Outlook is an email program from Microsoft that helps you to send and receive emails to and from your contacts. The program helps you to add any number of email accounts to it, and thus download emails to the computer.

Even though Outlook is considered as a feature rich email client, you may encounter a few troubles with it in due course of time. One of the errors that can come up in the program is Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Unable to open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded. So, how does this issue occur? This issue can show up in the program if you are running the compatibility mode in the program. Keep in mind that you do not have to turn on this mode if you are running Outlook in a Windows operating system.

In this post, we will take you through the steps involved in fixing this issue. According to Microsoft help forums, you can fix this issue by closing the program and launching it again after removing the file <profile_name>.xml. You should launch the program using the switch /resetnavpane. By this method, you create a new file and this would have the navigation pane folders restored. All the customizations carried out in the navigation pane would be removed and this includes folders for Favorites. Therefore, before carrying out the steps, it is advised that you take a backup of these folders.

Using /resetnavpane switch

  • Close the Outlook program.
  • Press the keys Windows and R together to open the Run window.
  • In the Run window, type outlook.exe/resetnavpane and click the button OK.
  • The above step will launch Outlook after resetting the navigation pane folders in the program.

    Email Client

    Solution For XML Errors

Deleting the profile configuration file

If the above steps did not work and Outlook did not restart, you may manually delete the configuration file. Keep in mind that this file is the place where all the settings and configuration related to your profile are stored. In order to locate this file, open the Start menu and type %appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook and hit the Enter key. This will launch the folder for Microsoft Outlook, where the various configuration files are stored. Locate the file with your profile name and ends with .XML. Delete this file.

With the above steps, you can fix the errors associated with Invalid XML in your Outlook program. For further assistance, you may contact our technical support team.

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Microsoft Introduces Monthly Update Packed With New Features For Windows 8.1

Windows 8 Features

               Windows 8 Support

Microsoft’s latest gaming console Xbox One is quite popular even among users of rival gaming consoles because of the frequent updates it receives. After each update, the console gets certain number of tweaks as well as new features. Thankfully, the software giant has extended this frequent update option to its latest operating systems as well. Both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 get feature-loaded monthly updates now. Unlike the usual Windows Update, the new monthly update will bring in some new Windows 8 features and tweaks.

Tuesday update for Windows 8.1

The new update cycle introduced for the latest Windows 8 family OS versions is known as Tuesday Update. During this monthly update process, the operating system gets major security updates, patch fixes, tweaks and even new Windows 8 features. In fact, this monthly update cycle has been there since the launch of Windows 8.1. However, it only included security fixes and patch fixes. Xbox One model update loaded with new features and tweaks for Windows 8.1 was first rolled out on 12th of August. Users who downloaded and installed this update could see new features. Here is a list of the new features.

Miracast Receive

Miracast Receive should delight tech savvy users and developers more than average users. It is a new feature added to Windows 8.1 operating system via the Tuesday update released on 12th August. This feature displays the list of available Wi-Fi direct APIs for IHV (Independent Hardware Vendor). Resultantly, the IHV drivers can design applications that are compatible with Windows 32-bit apps. The advantage is that these apps will be compatible with 64-bit OS versions as well. IHVs can turn their PC into a Miracast receiver.

Improved precision touchpad

Monthly Update Cycle

                Windows 8 Help

The August 12th update to Windows 8.1 has improved the precision touchpad remarkably. Although this is one of the existing features, the update has added major tweaks like new end-user settings.  In the new end user settings, there are a few tweaks as well.

Improvements with SharePoint Online

Microsoft’s much appreciated service SharePoint Online has received a few updates through the August 12th update. If you get frequent prompts while accessing the SharePoint Online service, you would be happy to know that the update has reduced it. To enable it, you need to tick the checkbox before Keep me signed in while logging into your account.

The decision to roll out a comprehensive monthly Windows update with new Windows 8 features is sure to give Windows 8.1 a new appeal in the coming days.

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A Note On Errors In Outlook PST Files

Invalid XML

           Invalid XML Errors

Even though Microsoft Outlook provides various functions to its users, it can often show some errors when a person tries to open any corrupted PST files or folders. The errors that are cropping up may be a little confusing for the users and need appropriate troubleshooting to be fixed. Now, given below are some common errors that you will come across when you try to open a corrupted PST file or folder. To express the corrupted Outlook PST file name, we use ‘filename.pst.’

  • “The xxxx.pst file is not a personal folders file”
  • “Detection of errors in the xxxx.pst file”. In this case, you need to close the Microsoft Outlook application and all the mail-enabled applications that are open and run the Inbox repair tool. When you run the inbox repair tool, it will diagnose the errors and fix it automatically.
  • Invalid XML errors.
  • “A problem occurred with Microsoft Outlook and needs to be closed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
  • “The xxxx.pst file was not found”.
  • “Unable to display the Outlook folder. The xxxx.PST file could not be accessed”.
  • “xxxx.pst file cannot be acceded- 0×80040116.”
  • “Data error xxxx.pst file could not be accessed. Cyclic redundancy check.”

The Inbox repair tool found in Microsoft Outlook can be used to fix the problems connected with corruption of PST files. Even though it repairs the corrupted PST files, in most cases. It will not work properly and will not be able to fix the corrupted files. When the Inbox repair tool fails to work, you will see some issues or problems that are listed below.

  • “File xxxx.pst is not recognized by the Inbox Repair tool”
  • When you run Inbox repair tool, it hangs and will not carry out the repairing process
  • An unexpected error prevented access to a specified file. In this case, you need to try using the inbox repair tool again but before that you need to check the disk for errors by using ScanDisk.

    Outlook Support

              Outlook Invalid XML

  • “The PST file that is fixed by the Inbox repair tools does not contain the needed items or is empty.”

You may also encounter the following problems frequently when you use Microsoft Outlook. However, you need not worry as it can be fixed easily by using the Advanced Outlook Repair.

  • if you deleted Outlook emails and other items unexpectedly or by mistake.
  • Larger PST file size.
  • Losing or forgetting the login information for the PST file or losing the password.

These are some of the frequent errors that are encountered as a result of corruption of PST files. For more help on Invalid XML errors, contact our Outlook support number.

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About Golf Games Online

Computer Golf Games

           Golf Games Online

Golf is a sport played with a club and ball, where the primary goal of the competing players is to bring the ball into the hole with minimum number of hits. The competing players need to drop the golf ball into a series of holes. Golf can be played at two levels, at the professional level or at the amateur level, as it is with every other game. Some of the golf championships include the PGA Championship, the Open Championship, the masters and the US open. All these championships are held across the world. Golf is a popular game with a steady increase in the number of fans.

Computer golf games are golf games played online on a computer  and are available on various websites. Since not all the people who like the game can master the sport. Alternatively, they can enjoy the game by playing it online. Hence, there are various websites that let you play online or let you install and download it on your computer. There are certain set rules for the professional game, which is set by United States Golf Association and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

While playing computer golf games you get to choose the difficulty levels such as professional and amateur. The rules and regulations that apply for the computer games are in accordance with the actual set rules and regulations. Golf is also available on gaming consoles as well.

PGA Championship

              Computer Games Website

There are several other games, which are similar to golf games. Some of them are golf solitaire, miniature golf, farmer’s golf, kolven games, Golf Trivia Hangman and many more. All these are available online as well. You can either play the online version or download and install it on the computer and play it even when there is no internet connectivity. The best part is that computer golf games have different levels of difficulty. If you are new to the game and have no idea about the game, you can begin with the beginner’s level. This would give a very basic idea about how to play the game with club and ball.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Sid Meier’s SimGolf, Outlaw Golf 2, etc are some of the online golf games. Other computer golf games are Nabisco World or Candy stand Driving Range, Nabisco World or Candy stand Golf Course, Skyworks 3D-Golf Desert, Disc Golf ’03 and Nabisco World Mini Mini-Golf. All these games require a Macromedia Flash or a Shockwave player pre-installed in the computer that can support the game.

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Steps To Repair Office Or Outlook Installation

Outlook Repair

Outlook help desk

The users of the Outlook program may encounter a number of errors and some of these can be repaired very easily. One of the most common troubleshooting steps is to uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Office installation or to repair the Office install. However, uninstalling and reinstalling the installation rarely fixes the issues, over installing will almost have the same effect as uninstalling and reinstalling. This either may fix the issue or may do nothing. Detect and Repair or Office Diagnostics may not fix many issues but would not cause any harm either.

You should understand that you would need your Office CD or installation source available with either Detect and Repair or Repair. The Outlook repair steps to be done are basically the same for all the versions.


  • Close Outlook and all the open Microsoft Office applications.
  • Open Control Panel.
  • In the Control Panel window, locate the Add or Remove Programs link.
  • Clicking on Add or Remove Programs will open a list of all the installed programs in your computer.
  • From the list of installed programs, locate Microsoft Office.
  • Select Office and then click on the Change or Repair button.

    Detect And Repair

          Outlook Tools

Outlook 2010

As Office Diagnostics was not much useful, it was removed from Office 2010 installation. You can make use of the repair process in Add or Remove Programs of Control Panel to perform the Outlook repair. To start repairing, open Control Panel, and find Add or Remove Programs. If you are using Windows 7 Category view, you can select Uninstall a Program link that is located under the Programs category. You can also type in add remove programs into the search field in all the versions of Windows to locate Add or Remove Programs.

After opening Add or Remove Programs, find the Office 2001 or Outlook 2010 standalone installation from the list of all the installed programs and then select it. You can then click on the Change button. If you are using Windows 7 OS, it will be located at the top of the list. If you are using Windows XP, it will be located to the right of the Office entry.

These are the simple and easy to follow steps to repair the Microsoft Outlook program. If you have any doubts in any of the steps that are discussed above, you can always contact our tech support team.

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