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  Sending large image file on Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a popular personal manager program developed by Microsoft. Its main function is to be an email client, but it has other exciting add-ons like calendar, journal, taking notes, appointments, and as a contact manager. It may be used for both business and personal purposes, and can support more than one account for a user. It is highly stable, secure and password-protected, to ensure safe user accounts.

Microsoft’s Outlook 2007 program allows users to send images in their mail. Either this can be performed by embedding image files into the outgoing messages, or adding these as attachments with the same. One of the Outlook problems includes the inability to send images in your outgoing messages, which is usually caused because the image file size being too big. If you still wish to send that image, you have to change the manner in which Outlook sends messages. This modification will ultimately stop your email service provider from blocking your mail.

Instructions to modify the way Outlook sends mail:

  1. First, start the Microsoft Outlook 2007 application. In the bottom left corner of your Outlook 2007 window, you will find a tab named Mail. Select it.
  2. Click on the New button to create a new outgoing message to someone. This button will on the top of the screen.
  3. On the top of the window is the Insert tab; click it.
  4. A small arrow symbol will appear in the Include section’s lower right corner. Clicking this will produce a dialog box named Attachment Options.

    Microsoft Outlook

              Problems with sending large images

  5. In the section marked as Picture Options, open the drop down menu to select either the Small or the Medium option.
  6. Click the Attach File button and highlight the image file you wish to include. You can also highlight more than one image file if you wish to send multiple image files in the mail. After highlighting the intended image files hit Insert. Now proceed to send the outgoing message, while Outlook will automatically compact all the attached images, and decrease their sizes before sending.

If you still experience Outlook problems, you can check up on Outlook help. There is a field where you can type your queries. This could be shown as a question mark symbol as well. Clicking it will produce some frequently asked questions to help you identify your problem among, in case you are unclear on it. It will also provide tips and suggestions to rectify these issues. In case these persist, you can contact tech support for assistance.

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