Tips To Alter Default Email Storage Location In Outlook

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Many of us use Outlook, the most preferred email client from Microsoft. This email client helps users view their emails in their personal computers after downloading them from the server. By configuring Outlook setting appropriately, you can add multiple email accounts in this program. This way, you can view all the emails from different service providers in one place and you no longer have to go through with the trouble of opening each email page separately.

Now, all the emails downloaded to your Outlook program are stored in the My Documents directory. You cannot change the Outlook setting to change this location. So, what will you do if you want to change this location? Small changes in your computer’s registry can help you out in this situation. In this article, we will find out the steps involved in editing registry entries and changing the location of the directory.

Steps Involved

  • If you are using a Windows XP computer, select Start and then the option Run. If you are using a Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer, select Start and in the search field, enter Run. From the results dispalyed, select Run.
  • In the Run window, type regedit and select the option OK. This will take you to the Windows Registry Editor.
  • Locate HKEY_CURRENT USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\Options. The different Outlook setting options are included in this directory.

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  • Once you locate the directory, select the empty space in the right pane by right clicking it and from the options, choose New. Then choose the option String. This will take you to a new window where you can type the options.
  • In the field for Key Name, type DefaultPath.  Type the location, which you prefer to save the emails by default in the field for Value.
  • Click the x button on the right top corner to close the window. Remember that all the changes made to the registry entries take effect only after you restart your computer. Therefore, reboot your computer.

With the above-mentioned steps, you can successfully change the default directory where your Outlook emails are stored, without making changes to Outlook setting. Keep in mind that the changes made to the registry entries can harm your computer and may even crash it if not properly done. Therefore, it is advised that you take a back up of your registry before changing the entries in it. If you have any doubts regarding the steps mentioned above, you may contact Microsoft chat support.

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