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It can be very frustrating for a regular Outlook Express user when you get an Outlook Express error 0x8000CCC90 message. What irritates the most is when you have ultimately become comfortable using Outlook Express, and an error occurs. You’d be having Outlook express help you manage your emails, when this annoying Error prevents sending and downloading emails. This error occurs when you try to log on to Microsoft Exchange Server using Outlook Express and the POP3 mail server rejects your username or password. Outlook is not able to connect to the mail server that handles your emails. If you are facing this problem, then you have come to the right place for Outlook Express help.


  • Open Outlook Express, and when the window opens, find and click the Tools menu at the top. From the list of options displayed below the Tools menu, choose Accounts. A dialogue box with the name Internet Options appears. From the four available tabs, click the Mail Tab. Select and click your email account, and then click the Properties button.
  • When the Properties window is displayed, hit the Server tab, and then verify and confirm whether the incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) mail server settings are correct. For example, Gmail account users should ensure that the former is set as, and the latter as If the settings are incorrect, make the required corrections.
  • Verify your account name and password. You should know that the account name is your complete email address. See to it that the entry is correct. You can check your password carefully, delete it and retype it without making any typographical error. If it was recently changed, update your password in the Password box and do not forget to check the Remember Password box.
  • The next thing to do is to uncheck Log on using Secure Password Authentication box, if it is checked.
  • Find and check the My server requires authentication check box. You will find it under the Outgoing Mail Server heading.

    Annoying error

             Error 0x800CCC90

  • Next, hit the Advanced tab. Here, verify that, you have entered correct the server port numbers for incoming and outgoing mail servers.
  • Verify the server timeouts.
  • On completion of all the required changes in your settings, click the Apply button to save all the settings. Close Outlook Express and then reopen it. The error will vanish.

The above are the instructions for carrying out the procedure which’ll let you get rid of the Outlook Express Error 0x800ccc90.

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