Ways To Convert XML Files Into Excel Spreadsheet

Invalid XML

             Identifying The Invalid XML File

There are numerous tools and applications with which we can customize various actions on our Windows computer. These tools help us perform office functions in the most efficient way, especially when we are working on an Excel spreadsheet. There are countless, vivid functions that we are able to perform with the help of Microsoft Excel. There may be times when you need to convert Invalid XML files into an Excel spreadsheet. The steps given below will help you accomplish the task easily.

Steps to convert XML files into Excel Spreadsheet

  • You can get started by opening Excel
  • Now proceed by clicking on the Microsoft Office symbol that you can see on the upper left hand corner. Click on Open from the menu
  • Proceed by searching and identifying the Invalid XML file you prefer to convert and click Open. Now in case you are not able to find the XML document where it is supposed to be, you can select ‘’XML Files (*.xml)’’ from the ‘’Files of type:”drop-down box
  • Now you will see a small dialogue titled as ‘’Open XML’’ getting opened. Proceed by clicking on the radio button that is titled ‘’As an XML table”, now click on OK
  • You might see another dialog box getting popped up which has got a message relating to create an XML Schema. Now proceed by clicking on OK. Once this is done, the XML file should now be opened as a spreadsheet.
  • Now in order to complete the conversion process, you can save the spreadsheet as an Excel file. For this, you need to click on the Office button and finally on Save

    Microsoft Office

                   XML Files

With the help of the above mentioned steps, the process of converting XML files into an Excel spreadsheet becomes pretty simple and trouble free. In case you are having technical difficulties in performing the functions, you can contact Microsoft technical support online.

The customer care executives will explain the steps in an easily and friendly manner so that you will not have any trouble performing the tasks. Furthermore, you can make use of online tutorials that help in performing such basic computer functions.

You can also contact the authorized company from whom you have purchased your system. Their customer care department can also be of great help in resolving your technical issues. As is obvious, there are numerous options and you can choose the best one as per your requirements.

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